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The best resource to determine what your SR-22 and license status is is by contacting the Illinois Secretary of State @ 217-782-3720 ext 7.

So, you’ve received a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles, requesting that you get an SR-22, now what? If you’ve never encountered an SR-22 before, then you may be at a complete loss as to what one is and why you suddenly need it.

Well, first things first, it’s important not to panic. Many people find themselves having to get an SR-22, it’s nothing too much out of the norm and the whole process is actually pretty easy!

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No Idea What SR-22 Insurance Is? Don’t Worry!

To clear up any confusion from the get-go, an SR-22 isn’t always referred to as such, it can also be called:

    • SR22
    • SR-22 Insurance
    • Financial Responsibility Filing
    • SR-22 Form

Put simply, and SR-22 is a filing by the insurance company with the Illinois Secretary of State that shows you have car insurance.  This filing is electronically submitted to the Secretary of State and confirms that you have met the minimum requirements for car insurance.

It really is as simple as that, but it’s still important that you get one when requested. If you don’t get an SR-22 or if your insurance lapses while you have an SR-22, then your license can be immediately suspended.

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So, Who Needs an SR-22?

If you’ve been driving for years without an SR-22, then the sudden request to get one may be a cause of concern. Firstly, not all drivers require an SR-22, so if you’ve been driving without one in the past, don’t worry.

Only certain drivers require an SR-22, and the request to get one normally occurs after some kind of violation or incident on the road. You may be required to get an SR-22, if you:

    • Have a DWI or DUI
    • Have been caught driving recklessly, without insurance, or with a suspended license
    • Have been at fault for multiple accidents

Is it Difficult to Get an SR-22?

Not at all! Getting an SR-22 is a simple, hassle-free process, where Clover Insurance will actually take care of most of the work for you. You can get SR-22 insurance through three easy steps:

Step One: Get a quote from Clover Insurance for car insurance – you need insurance that meets the minimum liability amounts before you can get an SR-22.

Step Two: Fill in the application and make a note on the form, telling us that you need an SR-22.

Step Three: Once you’ve purchased insurance coverage from Clover Insurance, we’ll submit the SR-22 request, and all you’ll need to do is wait for your copy to arrive.

In cases where you need to get an SR-22, but don’t currently own a car, then the whole process is still just as simple – all you need to do is give us a call on (800)-281-9100 or (773)-381-2200 today. When you purchase a liability-only policy from Clover Insurance, we can file a Non-Owners SR-22 for you.

How Long Will I Need an SR-22 For?

In the State of Illinois, you’ll be required to maintain your SR-22 for at least 3 years, although some people can be required to maintain one for longer (sometimes up to 5 years). During this time, if you decide to cancel your insurance policy or don’t make the required payments on your policy, then your insurance provider must inform the Secretary of State.

Need More Information About SR-22 Coverage?

If you want to learn more about SR-22 coverage, filing for an SR-22, or how an SR-22 may impact your insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact Clover Insurance today on (800)-281-9100 or (773)-381-2200. Alternatively, if you would like a quote for SR-22 insurance, then you can also get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you!

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